Bioline Beef Sausage 15gx30

Bioline Beef Sausage 15gx30

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Bioline Beef Sausage 15gx30
This product is made of single-stage anti-penetration of the leading domestic pure water equipment filter pure water production, safety and health, pure taste, to prevent the dog gastrointestinal discomfort, enhance palatability; natural ingredients, unsaturated fatty acids and trace elements, rich in pet growth Essential quality protein, low-fat low-calorie, to prevent fat, taste fragrant, palatable strong, can be used as a daily training dog with reward snacks.

Read the feeding recommendations before use Desiccant is not edible Dogs need drink more water after feeding this product; Store in cool and dark places, Sealed well if you do not use it for a long time; For pet only, keep out of the reach of children, Please do not eat when the product appears damaged packaging and spoilage Do not eat when metamorphism.

Beef, com starch, vegetable protein, vitamins, etc.